August 7, 2012

Posted by orrinj at 5:36 AM


Dream, Baby, Dream! (ROGER COHEN, August 6, 2012, NY Times)

So now we know: Mitt Romney believes the 13 North American colonies caused needless bloodshed by rejecting British authority, declaring independence in 1776 and waging war rather than encouraging King George III to see the error of his imperial ways, go touchy-feely with the upstarts across the Atlantic and grant freedom to the United States of America.

The revolution could have been a consensual, bloodless glide to liberty if only Washington, Jefferson and their cohorts had taken the time to convince the British monarch that empires were yesterday's news and their "freedom agenda" the way to go.

Which is, of course, exactly how the rest of the Empire devolved into constituent states once the Brits learned the needless lesson.  There was no Canadian nor Australian Revolution.